Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blog Candy Update

Well ladies, I have finally posted my links on the sidebar. I think life is slowly returning to normal. Whew! Although there is one more week until Christmas and not only are my Grade Two's starting to get crazy with Christmas approaching, but My 3 year old son finally understands that Christmas is coming and he's been going crazy lately. Of course, now that my son is excited, my 2 year old daughter has figured out that something exciting is going on. Let's just say that there have been lots of tears and several time-outs around our house lately. But Anyway, I digress...

I'm getting close to 100 followers. Wow. So please click the link on my sidebar to find out about the blog candy. And to sweeten the pot, I'm going to throw in the halloween candy that has not been claimed from October - so good luck ladies!!!

1 comment:

Beverly Gotthardt said...

Sandra, Happy Holidays, your name is in the hat, thanks for the nice comments and I already put your tip on the followers in place, it looks good. That's a good next goal 200 followers and since you're no. 10 you got the ball rolling!