Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stampin' Royalty Challenge #169

 So here I sit writing this post in very hot, hot, hot Palm Springs.  But by the time this post goes live, I will be home back in dreary, wet Vancouver.  But I will have a ton of exciting memories under my belt. 
Anyway, when I looked at this sketch originally, I just couldn't imaging making a card.  I was mentally ready for Spring Break, had to worry about packing for our trip, (and packing my kids stuff too), finishing up report cards, and trying to present a Primary Musical to our school.  Needless to say, messing up my crafting room was not something I was ready to deal with. 
I have, however, been on a real MDS kick lately, so I decided to create a scrapbook page with this layout.  I pulled the colours from the paper, found a cute photo of my kids, and off I went.  Please pop by and check out the fabulous work of the Design Team.  We'd love to see your work.  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colour Q Challenge #182

So when I came up with this page, I was trying for a bit of a Project life kind of look.  I used a kit from Suzy Q scraps and recoloured a few of the elements to fit the challenge.  I am really happy with how this page turned out.  And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this combo.  It's so soft and girly.  Please hop on over and check out the fantastic work of the Design Team.  I'm so glad you stopped by today.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The happiest place on earth or what???

So it's Spring Break in Vancouver.     We're on our annual trip to Palm Springs and decided that this year we'd pop in and visit The land of Disney.
We tried to find an inexpensive place to stay, but Wow - did we find a dump.  Fortunately it was right across the street from Disney, and it had this funky 50's feel.  (probably because that's the last time anything was updated.   I thought the courtyard was so kitschy that I had to share a photo with you.

Here we are in California Adventures.   I have a new personal record.    We waited in line for this ride for an hour and a half!   Here's a photo taken after 45 Minutes in line.  Disney has this Fast Pass system on its most popular rides, where you can scan your ticket and it will give you an hour window to come back and line up in a much shorter line.  The Cars Land (like the movie Cars) is a new attraction, and thus the most important attraction in the park at the moment.  So they had a separate Fast Pass line where you lined up and there was a person handing out the Fast Passes, not a machine.  Well, the lineup to GET a Fast Pass, was almost as long as the actual ride lineup, and there was no guarantee that they wouldn't run out of passes before I got to the end of the line, so we just got in the line for the ride, without Fast Passes. 

And here's what we were waiting for.

These are the cute cars we got to ride in.  All the cars have these cute faces, just like in the movie.
It was worth the smiles on the kids faces.

Here's a smile from one of the big kids.

Brad was such a good sport, squishing his over 6 foot tall frame into these tiny rides.

Here's a few of the smiles that made it all worthwhile.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stampin' Royalty Challenge #168

 It's Wednesday and you know what that means - a new challenge over at Stampin' Royalty.
This week we have a photo inspiration challenge.

Are you getting ready for Easter?  We are currently in California visiting the mouse with the big black ears   'wink, wink'.   Get what I mean??
I love these frames.  And when I recoloured them, they realy look like the photo; especially the pink one right?   Although I really love the colours in this photo, I really struggled with this page.  Believe it or not, it took me hours.  But I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
Thanks for popping by today!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colour Q Challenge #181

So we have another great colour combo for you over at the Colour Q this week,
I just love how bright these colours are and I also love the contrast between
the yellow and the blues.  It's a very happy combo.
I decided to scrap these silly photos of my son.  He's finding
it very difficult to produce a nice smile for the camera, but
he can sure hamm it up!
Most of the emblishments and papers come from Pixels and Co.
And some are from Stampin' Up!

Thanks for stopping by,
and have a great day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stampin' Royalty Challenge #167

 It's Wednesday!!!!  That means another challenge over at Stampin' Royalty.  This week we have my favourite type of challenge - a COLOUR CHALLENGE!!!
My Sister-in-Law took this adorable photo of Brad's brother and their little girl.
She's 6 months old now, and has the most adorable smile!
The colours in this challenge really reminded me of my Brother-in-Law.  He not only wore a mustardy coloured shirt at my wedding, but he also wore one with his tux at his own wedding.  And although some people think of Summer Starfruit as a greenish colour, to  me, it reminds me of Mustard.

This page is full of recoloured elements from all sorts of MDS kits.
I also used a ton of overlays. 
Thanks for stopping by today!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colour Q Challenge #180

So it's time for another challenge over at the Colour Q.
This week we have a seasonal colour combo for you.
Does it remind you of any upcomining Irish holidays?????
Well I didn't have any Irish type photos to scrap (despite my Irish last name)
So I found this great photo of the green Barn at my former University, and used
a combo of kits from Pixels and Co, to come up with this page.

And on a side note- my Irish last name is my married name.  My husband thinks that it's terribly funny that when his relatives immigrated to the United States, from Ireland, over 100 years ago, they thought they'd try to hide their Irish roots by removing the O' from the name.  So originally the name was O'Farrell.  He thinks it's funny becuase, really, anyone who knows anything about last names can still tell that Farrell is Irish.   My maiden name was changed too.  My maiden name is Icelandic, and it was anglicized to Anderson, from the original Icelandic.  I have a group of relatives whose last name is Arnason, which comes from the same last name.  So people have thought my last name was Scottish for the longest time, because there are a lot of Scots named Anderson.  Just goes to show that in today's world, last names don't always tell people where your family came from.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stampin' Royalty Challenge #166

This week at Stampin' Royalty its a Clean and Simple Challenge 
I've been trying to take more photos of myself these days.  Like most Mommies out there, I'm not too proud of how I look these days, so I figured if I take more photos, I might start to feel happier about my weight, and that always makes it easier for me to stop overeating and start losing weight.
So this photo was taken last weekend, and it's OK.  I photoshopped out all the red spots as my skin hasn't been fabulous either.  Who gets a ton of pimples in their 40's??  Me!
I guess Karma is getting back at me for the awesome skin I had in my 20's. 
Anyway, other than that, I really like the simplicity of this page.  I think that I probably should have layered another background paper to frame it all, but maybe I'll do that later.  I love making these layered bows and I haven't made one in a while.  I tried to keep the colours focused on the colours in the photo and so I used pastel colours on the title stamp which is from the set "Be Awesome Today".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Colour Q Challenge #179

 Well I finally got to scrap these cute photos of my kids dressed up as Superheros.  This was for my nephew's birthday party last November.  Teagan really wanted to be Bat Girl.  You can't see it in the photo, but she got out Connor's old Batman costume and put a dark skirt on over top.  She looked so adorable.  And Connor wore his Halloween costume.  He's showing off the gloves because that was the most important part of the costume to him.  I looked everywhere and finally bought these gloves down in the 'States at Target.  Crazy what we do for our kids right?
This page uses a variety of products, but it was created using My Digital Studio 2.  You can use any png file and use the photo option in MDS2 to place it on a page. 

That cool banner is from Pixels and Co.  I added the shadows underneath by using punches, adding a drop shadow, filling the punch with patterned paper.   Once that was done, I double clicked on the punch and then slid the paper off the punch so that only the shadow is left.  You can crop the punch too.  The flag punch in MDS2 is very long, so I cropped it so that it fit perfectly under each banner flag.  All of the stamps are from Stampin Up! and so are the splatters.  I started off with a page template from the Downtown Grunge kit and then changed up the layout and added to it.  The ricrack and the red scallop are digital elements from Pixels and Co which I recoloured to fit the challenge colours.
Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!