Saturday, April 17, 2010

Connor Turns 4

I know I've been slow at posting these days but as you all know, life can get in the way sometimes. Today is Connor's fourth birthday. I know Mom's always say this, but they grow up too fast!! I can't believe it. I used the Pirate Party pack from Stampin' Up! to accessorize. It was tons of fun to put all these things together. Connor and I punched out all the pieces and then I helped him assemble the eye patches. I cut all the sharp points off of the toothpicks on the pirate flags and put the treasure chests together. In the treasure chests we put the eye patches, one flag, some candy, a pirate balloon, and some pirate tattoos. We had his party at a local restaurant that lets the kids assemble their own pizza and has a play kitchen area for toddlers. It was so relaxing as the kids were well behaved, the restaurant was pretty empty and I didn't have to clean my house for the party!!

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