Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colour Q Challenge #180

So it's time for another challenge over at the Colour Q.
This week we have a seasonal colour combo for you.
Does it remind you of any upcomining Irish holidays?????
Well I didn't have any Irish type photos to scrap (despite my Irish last name)
So I found this great photo of the green Barn at my former University, and used
a combo of kits from Pixels and Co, to come up with this page.

And on a side note- my Irish last name is my married name.  My husband thinks that it's terribly funny that when his relatives immigrated to the United States, from Ireland, over 100 years ago, they thought they'd try to hide their Irish roots by removing the O' from the name.  So originally the name was O'Farrell.  He thinks it's funny becuase, really, anyone who knows anything about last names can still tell that Farrell is Irish.   My maiden name was changed too.  My maiden name is Icelandic, and it was anglicized to Anderson, from the original Icelandic.  I have a group of relatives whose last name is Arnason, which comes from the same last name.  So people have thought my last name was Scottish for the longest time, because there are a lot of Scots named Anderson.  Just goes to show that in today's world, last names don't always tell people where your family came from.

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