Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Colour Q Challenge #234

Yeah, so here we are in Southern California.  We had a blast in Disneyland last week and now we are in Palm Springs.  Last week was our second visit to Disneyland in 2 years, so it wasn't completely new to the kids, but this year we went with another family, and let the kids have some say in what we did in the park.  Teagan really wanted to visit Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow.  So 30 minutes in a lineup led to a visit with one of Tink's friends - Fawn, the animal fairy, and then a visit with Tinkerbell herself  Teagan was completely overwhelmed, but loved the experience.  Brad and I managed to take her in alone, because Connor was off with our friends and she not only loved the attention from us, but also the attention from the fairies.  As the journaling explains, after some questioning from the fairies, they decided that Teagan was a "WaterFairy" and judgin from all the time spent in the swimming pool here in Palm Springs - she certainly is.

I used the newest release from Deena Rutter to make this page, and a cool template from Fiddle Dee Dee Designs. 


February Template Challenge by Fiddle Dee Dee!

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Leslie Germain said...

Such a fun colorful page!!