Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Memories

I made this layout using a sketch from 52 Sketches 4 U. This is week #27. Because this sketch only used 1 small picture on a large page, I spent a looooong time picking out a photo for this page. I have scrapped most of my favourite photos of my kids and hubby so I was a bit stumped when I was looking for a great photo. Then I found this picture in an old album that I inherited from my Grandma. This is one of a series of pictures which I hope to scrap at a later date. This is a picture of me at 2 years old. I am at the carnival (PNE) with my grandparents and aunt. I still own the sweater I am wearing in the photo. I believe I have photos of my daughter wearing it last winter. It's part of a set that my parents bought when they went to Norway to visit relatives the year before. We have a whole family set. Look for a layout of those in the future. The original of this photo is only 1 1/2" by 3". And it's a bit out of focus because I'm moving. But what I absolutely love about this photo is the look of pure JOY on my face. I am standing in front of the boat ride, which I am now curious to see if it's still at the PNE. We'll have to check that out this summer. I remember loving riding the boats and pretending to steer the boat but also just how disgusting the water looked. You can see the top of the carousel in the background which is still around to this day. So, getting back to the layout, I used paper from Crate Paper, because I couldn't find any DSP from Stampin Up! that was faded and pastel enough not to overpower the subtle colours in the photo. I added rhinestones and brads to jazz up the layout.


Anonymous said...

super cute..

i love viewing your scrapbook pages.. very inspiring.. : )

Anonymous said...

great ideas... great work..thanks for sharing.

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