Monday, June 28, 2010

What a Great Gift Idea!

This fabulous idea was shown to us at my recent upline meeting. It's super easy to make. First you need to go to the hardware store and buy metal flashing. You can ask an employee for help to find it if you need to. If you buy a large roll of it, you need to cut it into 12 inch sections. This is easily done with an old pair of scissors. Next you need the petal die for the big shot. Run it through. Then you carfully push out the sections that are a bit stuck. You need to be careful or you can slice your finger - just ask me how I know this :) . Once all the pieces are out, though you can handle them easily without injury. So first you use your fingers to roll up the petals and curve them back. You don't need the smallest flower. Then you layer them together and adhere them together with glue dots. Put a votive candle in the middle to complete it. The large glue dots work best. A hot glue gun does not work too well on metal and they fall apart easily - again, ask me how I know this. :)

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