Friday, January 18, 2013

'Tis the Season for hockey!

So if you are a fan of any sport, you would be thrilled
to find that the season was back wouldn't you?
Well for most Canadians, we're thrilled that hockey is back!!!
We've been filling our thirst for the NHL by going to some Junior hockey games here in Vancouver.
Here's a little page I whipped together after our trip to the Teddy Bear Toss at Christmas time.   It's a charity event where you throw a teddy bear onto the ice when the home team scores their first goal.
They sell the teddies at the game if you forget to bring one.
My kids got to hold on to their teddies for about 5 minutes before our team scored!
The best part is when Santa drove a Zamboni onto to the ice to collect the bears.
there were so many bears it took a huge team of volunteers, 15 minutes, to collect them all.

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Terryfic Cards said...

Love the page! great job!