Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween Buzz...

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween last night.  If you have small children, I hope that they are recovering from the sugar overdose from yesterday.  (I know that mine are)  Here are some photos from my neighbourhood last night.

Does anyone know how to make one of these????  My neighbour told me that she bought it at a craft fair.

Here are some of my favourite projects from last year.  
Scroll down to find the links for each project.

I'm having trouble posting the links.  So, for the witch's shoe click here,  the box and card set click here, and the scrapbook page click here.

Here are some of my favourite Jack's from last night.  Connor (my son) named them all.

Here is Jack-O-Mad!!!
 Here is Jack-O-Kitty

Here are Jack-O-BIG-and-SMALL. 


Alice said...

I detected some milk jugs in the skeleton, and a Google search got me here:

This one has drawings with the directions:

This article includes several links to directions:

Thanks for sharing the picture! This is really a good Halloween decoration.

Sandra Farrell said...

Thanks so much Alice. I'm going to keep this in mind for next year!!