Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watermarks for Sale

Something that is big with crafting blogs is watermarking your photos.  It's really simple to do. It ensures that nobody can claim your work for their own.  If you create lessons or tutorials, you can also watermark the text. 
Also, I have noticed that sometimes I will copy a photo to my desktop from someone else's blog because it shows a fabulous teaching idea.  But when I go to share it on my own blog, I don't have the link saved and if there was a watermark on the photo I would be able to easily credit the person who came up with the idea first.

I often put watermarks on my own work.  It's easy to do with Photoshop.
But if you don't have Photoshop, there's a free program called GIMP which is fabulous.
All you need to do is google "GIMP" to find the link.
And if you're a scrapbooker, any digital scrapbook program will be able to use PNG files, which are what I am selling.  Personally I use My Digital Studio and GIMP for all my digital images.

I have come up with a few designs myself.  If you are interested in putting watermarks on your work.  I can add your text to the designs below.  Some of them are specifically for teaching blogs, and others are better for crafting blogs. 

I also offer them in both White and Beige.  You can purchase one colour for $3, or both colours for $5  Scroll down for the Paypal button below and click on the arrow to chose which type of watermark you want.  Once you are in Paypal, please make sure to put the text you want in the 'message to seller' window or I won't know what you want your watermark to say or which colour you would like.  Also, please make sure that your paypal is connected to an email that I can send your image to, or message me and give me your correct email.

If you want a customized design I can work with you for $10 to create your own image.
Click on the photo below, or scroll down for more details about each design.

Get Your Personalized Watermark

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Angie said...


Thank you for offering to create watermarks for those of us that are techno-challenged. I absolutely love the ones you created for me! Your turnaround time was quick too. Love your blog!

Thanks again! Angie