Monday, May 2, 2011

We all reach up high...

OK, I know that I'm scrapping waaaaayyyyy too many photos of Teagan in her toddler dance class, but I just can't get enough of those adorable little girls all in their little tutu's.  Lately, Teagan has decided to 'assert her indepence' like the good tough Viking that she is and has started refusing to participate.  So I had to include a photo of her sitting while the rest of the girls participated.  The poem on the right is the words to a song that Miss Marnie (the instructor) sings with them every week.  It's just tooooo stinkin' cute.  Last week, I actually had to join in the class and dance with her to get her to participate.  It wasn't a pretty sight - I'm a hockey player, not a ballerina remember?

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