Friday, October 14, 2011

A New Venture

Well I've decided to add yet another aspect to my already busy hectic life.  I LOVE papercrafting and I LOVE teaching Grade 2.  Lately I have begun blog stalking a number of teacher blogs out there.  And I've been fighting the urge, but really I am addicted, so I finally gave in and started another blog.  YES, another one.  It's a teaching blog.  I've been teaching since 1992, and I have learned a few tips along the way, so TA-DAH!  Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips has been born!
Hop on over to the new site. 

My first post features a fabulous art project that my kids did last week called FALL INCHIES.  I used a lot of my old scrapbooking supplies and Stampin' Up! tools to do this.  I think that in the future I will try to connect these two blogs as much as possible.  I'm sure I can combine my passion for teaching
 with my passion for paper!  I hope you enjoy my new adventure - I'm pretty excited.

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Newbie said...

Congrats on your new venture!! Is there going to be anyway to subscribe to the new blog via e-mail? I would like to follow that one also! Again, congrats on your new venture!!! Waiting to see more!