Sunday, October 11, 2009

Digi Scrappin' With MDS

Digi scrappin is FUN! Ok yeah, I'm getting a little crazy over this. And seriously, I have to say that I am actually really addicted to PAPER, so the Digi scrappin is only slightly fulfilling a need. But, this past week I have been horribly sick with a nasty flu. It started with the aches - so bad that I thought it was exercise from playing hockey that was making me sore. But it turns out that the Flu was the culprit. And I knew that I was truly sick when I decided that I was "TOO SICK TO SCRAP!" crazy eh? But in my misery, I was able to sit down with my laptop and play with MDS. (at least for an hour at a time). So yesterday's post was done with MDS. It's thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so I have a bit more time to sit around and play and so today I'm posting a few pages I whipped up on MDS with more free images I found on the net. If you are desperately trying to find them yourself, drop me a line by email and I'll give you the link.
In case you're not a Winter Sports follower, the Winter Olympics will be held here in Vancouver in February 2010. And because of this, we've been getting some excellent new facilities for the events. Last February, we went to the new Speed Skating Oval with my hubby's family and spent the evening trying out the venue. The following few pages are from that day. The Oval is in the suburb of Richmond, thus the title page.

In the middle of the oval they have a hardwood floor and basketball/ badminton courts set up. This will all be removed for the olympics, but for us it was a great way to entertain the non-skaters (like my 18 month old daughter)


Anonymous said...

LOL I looked at your pages but totally missed the digi kits you used! Sorry I am a huge dork haha! ;) So how do you like the MDS? I've been eyeing it and I'm like 95% sure I'll get it. I've used CS4 for a couple digi pages, but I'm a total beginner at it. I heard MDS is way easy to use, and that's so cool you can use other kits in it!!

Sandra Farrell said...

MDS is SUPER easy to use!! I`m getting completely addicted. It has some limitations, but so does any technique. And the BEST part of it is access to all the stamp images and DSP!