Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colour Q Challenge #148

This week's it's another BRIGHT colour combo over at the Colour Q.

This page took me a lot longer than you would suppose.
I started with the Baby Board Book Template and then changed it so much that you won't really recognize which page it's from.

This page really summarizes the drama on our recent trip to Europe.
From the time we landed in Paris, Teagan would NOT eat. 
I guess the food was slightly different than at home.  I know that children really like to control things when they feel out of control, and sometimes the only thing they can control is their behaviour.  So, rationally I UNDERSTAND why she wasn't eating.
But OH, the drama...

We spent 5 days in Paris and Venice, and then got on the Cruise ship in Venice.
Then we put the kid in Kids Camp so that Brad and I could actually get some rest.

Well Kids Camp was feeding them tons of sugar and crap.
You know, ice cream, cookies, cake...
And Teagan was still refusing to eat at meals.

With all that sugar and very little sustinance, she got sick.
She started throwing up at Kids Camp and spent the day in the infirmary as
Brad and I were on a tour.

Then she was confined to our stateroom for 2 days.

They take the possibility of Novovirus VERY seriously on cruise ships.

Our room was sanitized (TWICE).

Even though the doctor agreed that we were most likely right about why she was throwing up, they needed to follow protocol.  Once she was confined to our stateroom, that meant that one of us was confined as well.  We finally got some electrolyte powder from the doctor and had a huge stand off with Teagan about making her drink it before she could leave the stateroom.  I'm sure everyone on our end of the boat got to hear Brad yelling at her.

But she drank it.

And she got better.

And she started eating...

Well - eating more than she was before.

And we told Kids Camp to restrict her sugar intake.

And all was well until we tred to get off the boat in Pompei and her security clearance wasn't updated and we were almost late for our tour.

And then at dinner that night, my son ate too much and threw up on the table in the fancy restaurant...

Thank goodness we had a great relationship with the medical staff by this point.
And they believed me when I told them that Connor wasn't sick and they didn't restrict ALL of us to the stateroom.



Kelly said...

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Alison Day said...

Oh Sandra, I feel for you! Kids are most definitely put on this earth to try our patience! Glad everyone was okay in the end!!