Sunday, May 31, 2009

Absolutely Unexpected

Remember a while back I had a blog candy contest? Well the winner (Go Canucks Go!) took a while to get back to me. Turns out she had computer problems. Well I finally got her blog candy to her, and she sent me back this little package. Isn't that completely adorable??? And also completely unexpected. When you hand out a prize, you don't expect to get one yourself too.
Who is this wonderful blog stalker? Her name is Ginette Wong and she made me this cute circle card and also folded the paper ornament in the foreground. I would love to find out how to make that! She also included the ribbon and stickers. And then she packaged it all up in that great little box in the background. Wow, I feel so lucky to have such thoughtful followers.

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Anonymous said...

great ideas... great work..thanks for sharing.

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