Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Chance (Retirement List) is HERE!!!!

OK Ladies, you just have to check out the deals on the Last Chance list. These are things that are no longer available as of July 1st, or when they sell out. And believe me, those discounted items are SELLING FAST!!! I can't believe the deals. 50% off a lot of the regular priced items. Yes that's right -- HALF PRICE!!!! Click here for the link to my Stampin Up! page where you click SHOP NOW in the top right corner, to get to the list. Or click on the picture above if you don't want to order yet.
OH and BTW I got to see the upcoming In Colours and a Sneak Peek at the new catty and I AM IN LOVE!!!!!! I'll give you a little hint - purple is my favourite colour.

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Anonymous said...

great ideas... great work..thanks for sharing.

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