Saturday, July 3, 2010

Graduation Cap Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on how to make this cute little Graduation cap. First I cut a strip of black cardstock that was 1 inch wide. Then I cut on an angle twice to form a diamond shape. Next I took a 1 1/4 inch circle punch to make a circle and then cut it in half. Both shapes are shown below.

Next I took the 3/4 inch circle punch and punched out to half circles from the larger half circle as in the picture below.

Now for the tassle. First I took some yellow grosgrain and unravelled it. (I used some retired Crushed Curry polka dot grosgrain in my example). I unravelled it about an inch.

Next I started to wrap the long string that was unravelled, back around the remaining ribbon like so.

Then I stopped and cut the ribbon down to a thin strip like in the photo below.

Then I continued to wrap the long string around over until it looked tight and clean and smooth. Then I added a drop of crystal effects glue and wrapped it two more times. Then I trimmed the long string so that the tassle looked like the one below.

I layered the two pieces of black cardstock like in the photo below. Then I used my paper piercer to punch a hold in the centre and then threaded the tassel through it.

Finally I put a brad through the hole and trimmed off the extra yellow string from the back.

The brad will hold the tassel in place so make sure the tassel is where you want it to stay when you fold the brad tabs down.

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